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Cookies are information fragments that are stored in the computer’s memory in order to facilitate web surfing, personalize information and analyze efficiency.

This website uses cookies in order to work correctly, analyze its usability, improve users’ experience and learn one’s use of the network, but never identifying one user. When entering in the website for the first time a sign informs of the use of cookies and by carrying on you give permission to the company to use them. You can delete cookies from your computer at any moment or choose to set your browsers configurations to not allow any cookies. This depends only on the configurations you have set on your browser.

The website will still work, there might only be certain features that will work limitedly.

Types of cookies that we use:

- Analytical:

This web site uses Google Analytics to learn the number of visitors, there use and experience with the webpage in order to further develop it. No one user is ever identified.

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